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Hectic Spring Calendar for Golf

Ecosol Turfcare had a busy BTME at Harrogate in January and we were very happy to welcome satisfied customers as well as new clients on to our stand. As a result, the order book for Spring Drill n Fill is filling fast. 


State-of-the-art aeration and drainage

Soil Amendments

These are for use alone or for blending and injecting using Drill and Fill aerators or Graden Sand Injectors - we can blend these with appropriate sands to provide custom blends for your turf - please see BBB page.


Sportslite is a zeolitic amendment with very high CEC, drainage and aero-porosity rates, available in a range or grades to suit today's professional sports turf manager. Sportslite is a naturally occuring clinoptilolite zeolite which has been used in construction and maintenance practices in golf greens, football pitches, rugby pitches and many other playing surfaces.

It can be used as a top-dressing to improve nurient retention (CEC) in sand-based constructions or at the point of construction. Similarly, it can be used to eliminate the yellowing frequently seen above drain lines in pitches as it cuts down the leaching of applied fertilisers. Sportslite zeolite is also heavily used in current sand injection equipment such the Drill n Fill, GKB Sand Filler and Graden Countour Sand Injector, where it dries up putting surfaces with its high absorbency characteristic and creates a faster, firmer putting or bowling surface.

All our zeolites are tested with X-ray diffraction to check for impurities.

Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) levels range from 110meq/100gm up to 180meq/100gm.

Grades available include:

0.5 - 1.5mm (Greens grade), 

1.5 - 2.5mm (Blinding layer grade),

3 - 8mm (Drainage grit grade),

16 - 35mm (Drainage stone grade) and other on request.

We also stock zeolites for use in water purification, aquarium tanks and ammonia removal / suppression. Contact us for details.

axis A diatomaceous earth amendment that has been used widely for improving the drying up of wet areas on golf greens. An increasingly popular ingredient in Drill n Fill blends - imported by Headland Amenity.
profile A calcined clay that has been developed over numerous years and still is a leading amendment in the UK and USA. Has been used through Dryject as well as Drill n Fill and Graden equipment - imported by Rigby Taylor.