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Hectic Spring Calendar for Golf

Ecosol Turfcare had a busy BTME at Harrogate in January and we were very happy to welcome satisfied customers as well as new clients on to our stand. As a result, the order book for Spring Drill n Fill is filling fast. 


State-of-the-art aeration and drainage

Ecosol Turfcare Services

Ecosol Turfcare Services is a contract service offering solutions to single problems up to complete renovation on any type of sports turf. We offer:



We can provide a variety of hollow-coring operations ranging from the simple and economic lever-action extraction technique as part of a winter sports pitch or cricket outfield renovation (using the Greentek Double-Quick seen in the picture), to the more complex punch-action system that a Redexim 7416 verti-drain employs.

When using the Double-Quick, we remove short plugs of rootzone onto the surface, helping gas exchange and assisting top-dressing amelioration. The latter of these properties means that surface porosity and drainage rates is dramatically increased, resulting in drier and better oxygenated surfaces and a healthier grass sward.

The Charterhouse Redexim 7416 Verti-drain can operate with a variety of hollow core tines and is particularly suited to use on golf greens. Commonly used with 12mm (1/2 inch) diameter tines, the Verti-drain 7416 aerates the surface, removes thatch, de-compacts and enables top-dressing amelioration on golf greens in particular, but can also be used on tees and approaches and aprons. We operate this machine on a John Deere 45hp tractor fully equipped with Galaxy floatation turf tyres so that putting surface disruption is eliminated and also so that play can follow immediately after completion. Call us to hear about our competitive rates.



Ecosol Contractor Update pic.- websiteKoro Field Top Maker

We operate the new generation KORO FTM Terraplane rotor Field Top Maker which is the latest technique for playing surface improvement. The well established KOROing process is used to strip the top off a pitch's surface and remove all vegetation and rootzone to any depth  on soil and sand-based pitches, to remove unwanted grass species such as Poa annua (Annual meadow grass) and spongy, thatchy material in the upper rootzone. It can also be used to fraise mow and take away the above-ground plant material, leaving a clean surface in which to establish a new sward of preferred grass species.

We carry this operation out on many football and rugby pitches as part of an end-of-season renovation.

The Koro FTM is also used to remove saddles, crowns, thatch and other surface imperfections on cricket wickets / cricket squares. Using laser level equipment, we can re-level and re-grade your wickets to prevent water holding - frequently seen between each wicket end when ridges have formed at either end. Thatch can also be removed to create a firmer and faster surface, as well as one with better bounce and "carry".

KORO operation on 9th Aug.3 - CopySimilarly, this operation is also carried out to rid bowling greens/croquet lawns of thatch and surface imperfections, as well as a precursor to re-grading a green and introducing new dressing and grass seed species/cultivars

Call us for more information.

Please see below for a video of the machine in action:



soil-relieverAeration & Decompaction

Using a Shockwave rotary decompactor or Soil Reliever vertidrain machine helps eliminate soil compaction and stale, anaerobic conditions - the primary cause of poor root systems, soil waterlogging and surface deterioration.



P1020110We also use a Charterhouse Redexim 7416 Verti-drain and this can be operated to a maximum depth of 14 inches, with soil heave adjusted according to conditions and the amount of "lift" desired. Hole spacing can be varied too, depending on the type of problem to be overcome.







Shockwave at Yate Town FCThe Imants Shockwave has proven to be a very effective de-compactor and aerator, particularly in drier and harder soil conditions. The machine has a series of curved blades attached to a rotor in banks of 3. As the rotor rotates these blades enter the soil on a staggered pattern and sequence. As the soil is pushed sideway by the 15mm wide blade, it cracks and fissures form within the body of the soil. In fact, whilst you walk alongside the machine in operation, a shockwave or earthquake-like effect can be seen with the soil moving from side to side. Surface levels are retained by the integral stripper plates, so that play can resume immediately.


Removal of dead plant tissue from the sward is essential to reduce thatch and disease and minimise the incidence of a spongy, divot-prone surface. Without clean, effective and regular scarification, divoting becomes more frequent as weaker, shallower rooting grasses invade and colonise the grass sward.



Scarifying to remove spongy & thatchy layer in football pitchThe picture opposite shows a three-pass operation being done on a Swansea City AFC Community Football pitch close to the Liberty Stadium. The pitches had been unused for nearly 12 months and thatch levels were high, as was moss and broad-leaved weed infestation. Weed control was done before severe scarification with an Amazone Groundkeeper equipped with 3mm scarifying blades, operating to a depth of 3 - 5mm and collecting debris in its on-board hopper.






Scarified surface at Landore Training Ground, Swansea City AFCThis is the completed surface. Note how the more resilient and deeper rooted Perennial Ryegrasses have survived the operation and are now able to develop unhindered by competition from undesirable Poa species.


In bare soil conditions, new seed has to be evenly sown - not spread or broadcast inaccurately. Only by doing this can you get even and rapid germination, thus accelerating establishment time and creating a healthy, dense sward ready for play - essential when the modern pitch has to be ready for play in a matter of just a few weeks after the previous season! 

We use a variety of machines that can be selected according to soil conditions, timing and other factors.

P1010051 - CopyWe use the BLEC Turfmaker for new construction situations, where its press rings and mini-tilth tines create the best conditions to sow seed ranging from perennial ryegrasses to smooth stalk meadow grasses. We also use the Amazone reciprocating tine drill (pictured) which can quickly and accurately sow grass seed of all types. Last but by no means least, we use the BLEC Multiseeder 2 for initial seeding when firmer bare soil conditions exist, it's 1500 holes per sq. metre dimple effect helping sow seed and enhance seed-to-soil contact for maximum germination percentages.

No matter what your conditions are, we can establish the grass sward and surface that you need... call us for more information.

Please see below for a video of the Vredo Seed Drill in action:


We can do the essential fertilising of your grass and prepare customised blends tailored to individual customer needs. Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potash can be applied accurately and speedily through our equipment. Trace element materials can be simultaneously applied, thus catering for your turf’s entire nutrient requirements.We offer an individual soil testing service.

Over-seed 1 - CopyOverseeding

Maximum germination and establishment percentages of seed only happens when there is good seed-to-soil contact which means using the best seed drilling equipment for the task. We have the equipment to achieve this, using a Vredo 218.075 disc over-seeder on winter sports pitches and cricket outfields, as well as the heavy duty Moore Uni-Drill 1.2m. Both can be ballasted with extra weight where greater penetration is needed on dry, hard soils.

29 June 09 002 - CopyWe also have the BLEC Multiseeder 2 which creates 1500 holes/m sq using dimple spikes into which the seed is brushed and can be used for over-seeding. This machine can also be adapted into a BLEC Turfmaker which features cast iron serrated rollers and a spring tine arrangement. It is prefect for using on bare soil situations such new pitch construction or following a KORO operation.


Also available is the Amazone reciprocationg seeder, especially good where a looser surface exists. In a nut shell, we put seed into the soil - not all over the top of it!


The application of new growing media is essential to retain a thriving rootzone. Apply top-dress sands, dressings, rootzones, composts or amendments of your choice over whole pitches or specific areas - whatever the size.

Construction and Drainage

Ecosol Turfcare undertake projects ranging from the creation of new winter sports pitches where irrigation and drainage systems are included in the specification, to smaller customised projects where localized pitch areas need draining, re-grading, in-filling or extending.

We have produced and completed projects for the RFU and other organisations or private clients. We can also give advice on sourcing funding from bodies such as Sport Lottery, ECB, RFU and the FA.

We believe in building working relationships so that you have the confidence to get not only the best construction, but also the vital aftercare and maintenance programmes that keep any new facility working properly. Without that combination, even the best built turf surface deteriorates.