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Hectic Spring Calendar for Golf

Ecosol Turfcare had a busy BTME at Harrogate in January and we were very happy to welcome satisfied customers as well as new clients on to our stand. As a result, the order book for Spring Drill n Fill is filling fast. 


State-of-the-art aeration and drainage

soil-relieverAeration & Decompaction

Using a Shockwave rotary decompactor or Soil Reliever vertidrain machine helps eliminate soil compaction and stale, anaerobic conditions - the primary cause of poor root systems, soil waterlogging and surface deterioration.



P1020110We also use a Charterhouse Redexim 7416 Verti-drain and this can be operated to a maximum depth of 14 inches, with soil heave adjusted according to conditions and the amount of "lift" desired. Hole spacing can be varied too, depending on the type of problem to be overcome.







Shockwave at Yate Town FCThe Imants Shockwave has proven to be a very effective de-compactor and aerator, particularly in drier and harder soil conditions. The machine has a series of curved blades attached to a rotor in banks of 3. As the rotor rotates these blades enter the soil on a staggered pattern and sequence. As the soil is pushed sideway by the 15mm wide blade, it cracks and fissures form within the body of the soil. In fact, whilst you walk alongside the machine in operation, a shockwave or earthquake-like effect can be seen with the soil moving from side to side. Surface levels are retained by the integral stripper plates, so that play can resume immediately.