The Drill n Fill Aerator can bring dramatic improvements to bowling green turf.

These unique aerators can improve the green’s ability to withstand appalling winter weather.  Reducing the incidence of waterlogging and flooding  on the green will lead to earlier, stronger and more vigorous growth in the Spring. This then produces greens of a higher standard, even earlier.  Similarly, torrential mid-season downpours will disappear faster, resulting in fewer closures and cancellations.

  • Drill, extract, aerate and backfill all in one action!
  • Break through clay bands, thatch, black layer and other zones that cause waterlogging.
  • Accelerate water movement away from the green’s surface down vertical drainage channels into the gravel carpet or clinker layer beneath.
  • Hold open the vertical ducts by using the Drill n Fill Aerator’s unique ability to backfill them with a free-draining sand or sand/amendment blend…so the improvement lasts for years.
  • Increase plant health and vigour by improving nutrient infiltration, percolation and gas exchange up to 310mm deep.
  • Improve water penetration, reducing the green's susceptibility to dry patch.