Blending & Bagging

Our blending service, BBB, provides a customised blend of top dressing, rootzone and soil amendment. Ingredients can be blended in any ratio, in our own plant. It includes an 850kg Liner Cumflow mixer into which product is transported by conveyor belt, not screw auger. This avoids the abrasive rubbing action which can destroy texture and particle size.

Weighing is accurate to the kilogram. Product is kept clean and dry at all times and is fed by gravity into the sealed bagging system to avoid crushing and contamination.

We offer a choice for greenkeepers, agronomists, soil amendment suppliers and turf maintenance contractors.

  • Any mix precisely blended
  • No ingredient too small
  • No blend too complicated
  • Your blend formulated specifically to meet your turf's needs
  • 20kg, 25kg and 1000kg bags
  • Full traceability and accountability
  • Waterproof bags shrink-wrapped for secure, easy shipping and storage
  • Delivery all over UK and Europe

Choose Bespoke Blending and Bagging for your fine turf dressings

Whatever your soil type dictates. BBB can blend the zeolites, ceramic clays, diatomaceous earth, or nearly any amendment popular for fine turf maintenance including Drill n Fill, GKB Sand Filler and Graden sand injection, with any type of sand you select. Nutrients such as seaweed meal or mycorrhizae, dried blood or urea can be added in tiny amounts. We guarantee a consistent, uniform mix which you can replicate or adjust as desired. 

What quantities are involved?

  • Nutrients can be added in any amount down to 0.1% - that equates to 1kg of ingredient accurately mixed into a 1000kg total blend
  • Particle sizes can range from 100 microns to 3 millimetres
  • Plastic bags in 20kg, 25kg or 1000kg.
  • You can order everything from us

The finished product

Plastic bags can be supplied by us or we can use your own branded bags. We offer a swift efficient service from ordering, through blending and bagging to delivery anywhere in the UK and Europe. You can specify your own carrier, use our transport or collect your order from the bagging plant if you prefer.