Drill n Fill and Deep Drill 60/18 aerators can bring dramatic improvements to fine turf.

These unique aerators can make a major contribution towards the green's ability to withstand the demands of a prolonged playing season and adverse winter weather. Reducing waterlogging and flooding will allow the green to stay in play. This not only minimises temporary pin placements, it also produces greens of a higher standard earlier in the spring. Similarly, excess water from torrential downpours will disappear faster, resulting in fewer closures and cancellations. Greens will be finer and firmer.
The aerators operate throughout the ranges of:
11-16cm hole to hole spacings
2-45cm duct depths
1-3cm diameter drills
The Ecosol System does not create uneven surfaces, rippling or areas of subsidence detrimental to play. The result is a perfect surface capable of accommodating play within hours of the work's completion.