In bare soil conditions, new seed has to be evenly sown - not spread or broadcast inaccurately. Only by doing this can you get even and rapid germination, thus accelerating establishment time and creating a healthy, dense sward ready for play - essential when the modern pitch has to be ready for play in a matter of just a few weeks after the previous season! 

We use a variety of machines that can be selected according to soil conditions, timing and other factors.

We carry this operation out on many football and rugby pitches as part of an end-of-season renovation.

We use the BLEC Turfmaker for new construction situations, where its press rings and mini-tilth tines create the best conditions to sow seed ranging from perennial ryegrasses to smooth stalk meadow grasses. We also use the Amazone reciprocating tine drill (pictured) which can quickly and accurately sow grass seed of all types. Last but by no means least, we use the BLEC Multiseeder 2 for initial seeding when firmer bare soil conditions exist, it's 1500 holes per sq. metre dimple effect helping sow seed and enhance seed-to-soil contact for maximum germination percentages.

No matter what your conditions are, we can establish the grass sward and surface that you need...


Maximum germination and establishment percentages of seed only happens when there is good seed-to-soil contact which means using the best seed drilling equipment for the task. We have the equipment to achieve this, using a Vredo 218.075 disc over-seeder on winter sports pitches and cricket outfields, as well as the heavy duty Moore Uni-Drill 1.2m. Both can be ballasted with extra weight where greater penetration is needed on dry, hard soils.

We also have the BLEC Multiseeder 2 which creates 1500 holes/m sq using dimple spikes into which the seed is brushed and can be used for over-seeding. This machine can also be adapted into a BLEC Turfmaker which features cast iron serrated rollers and a spring tine arrangement. It is perfect for using on bare soil situations such new pitch construction or following a KORO operation.

Also available is the Amazone reciprocating seeder, especially good where a looser surface exists. In a nut shell, we put seed into the soil - not all over the top of it!

Please see below for a video of the Vredo Seed Drill in action: