Drill n Fill and Deep Drill 60/18 aerators

The Drill n Fill and Deep Drill 60/18 aerators provide solutions which are transforming the turf manager's approach to: slow drainage; compaction; thatch; black layer and poor grass growth. These aerators will help keep your fine turf in play all season. Both machines can operate in conditions which would halt most others and improve rootzone and microbial environment. They do not damage the turf surface and allow you to put it back into play within an hour.

The Drill n Fill gives these advantages:

  • Relieves compaction instantly
  • Improves drainage rate
  • Penetrates to a depth of 310mm
  • Backfills instantly with sand/soil amendment
  • Accelerates infiltration rate

The Deep Drill 60/18 gives these advantages:

  • Drills to a depth of 450mm
  • Penetrates hard pans and marl layers
  • Promotes deeper roots to knit loam layers
  • Extracts rootzone, doesn't compact it
  • Deeper rooting means better sward and soil structure

You no longer have to tolerate:

  • Compaction caused by vicious tine penetration

  • Rippling and uplifting disturbance to playing surface

  • Capped drainage layers due to silt impeding drainage

  • Expensive, labour intensive, inefficient hole-filling by hand

  • Closure of facilities due to slow healing or poor surface infiltration rate

Effective aeration

The drills remove soil, allowing lateral movement within the rootzone and releasing compaction pressure. Drilling improves surface water infiltration and percolation, reducing the soggy, spongy conditions common in "push-up" and old clay-based greens. Deep holes encourage deep, strong roots and drilling depth is always consistent.

Precise backfill

The Drill n Fill puts the soil amendment - usually a sand mix- directly into the rootzone. This holds open the drainage channel, giving extended duct life. Backfill can be tailormade to your turf conditions to give a soil exchange with zeolitic and ceramic amendments, specific sand blends, nutrient and mycorrhizal amendments.

Depths and diameters

Our fluted tungsten-carbide drills treat turf gently, folding back the grass without high impact so it can be replaced easily, allowing rapid healing. A choice of drills means we can get exactly to the root of your problem.

Drill diameters are:
12mm to 32mm
Drill depths are:
25mm to 310mm (Drill n Fill)
25mm to 400mm (Deep Drill on Golf Greens)
25mm to 450mm (Deep Drill )