Ecosol Turfcare has a growing portfolio of rugby club clients and is being increasingly recognised for its work improving the quality of their pitches. Whatever your requirement or problem, we have a system or machine to sort it out and a track record to trust.

Compaction and overuse are the primary issues that clubs have to deal with, and specific hard wear areas such as the 5 to15 metre-from-touch channels present particular problems. Waterlogging and bare/weed infestations are the bane of any club. .

We have a range of aeration and decompaction machinery and operate the Soil Reliever aerator and decompactor on behalf of the RFU, which is a subsidised service to any club. Conducting anything from aeration to drainage projects; de-stoning to scarification; fertilising to seeding; fraise mowing to sand banding - Ecosol Turfcare can provide it. We also operate the revolutionary Koro Field Top Maker that can strip the top off a pitch and remove all vegetation to any depth. We can introduce a secondary drainage system using a sand / gravel bander to turf already containing a primary system of pipes and gravel. We can even perform laser grading to create the perfectly levelled pitch!

Ecosol Turfcare have the ability to dramatically improve your facility. And we are happy to advise and quote for anything - from a specific problem to a complete end-of season renovation or in-season maintenance to complete rebuilding.

Satisfied customers include Bath Rugby, Neath Ospreys, Yatton, Chippenham, Harlequins, Newbury, Trowbridge and Okehampton.