Koro Field Top Maker

We operate the KORO FTM with Terraplane or Universe rotors, the latest technique for playing surface improvement.

The Terraplane is used to strip the top off a pitch's surface and remove all vegetation to any depth on soil and sand-based pitches, to remove unwanted grass species such as Poa annua (Annual meadow grass) and spongy, thatchy material in the upper rootzone. It can also be used to fraise mow and take away the above-ground plant material, leaving a clean surface in which to establish a new sward of preferred grass species.

The Universe rotor provides heavy and deep scarification where total surface removal is unnecessary.

We carry this operation out on many football, rugby pitches and tennis courts as part of an end-of-season renovation.

The Koro FTM is also used to remove saddles, crowns, thatch and other surface imperfections on cricket wickets / cricket squares. Using laser level equipment, we can re-level and re-grade your wickets to prevent water holding - frequently seen between each wicket end when ridges have formed at either end. Thatch can also be removed to create a firmer and faster surface, as well as one with better bounce and "carry".

Similarly, this operation is also carried out to rid bowling greens/croquet lawns of thatch and surface imperfections, as well as a precursor to re-grading a green and introducing new dressing and grass seed species/cultivars

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Please see below for a video of the machine in action: