The Deep Drill 60/18 Aerator can bring dramatic improvements to cricket square turf, eliminating sparse grass growth, uneven bounce, divoting and root breaks.

This unique aerator can improve the square's ability to withstand the demands of an intense playing season and difficult summer weather. Modern square construction using stronger loam often leads to difficulty in conventional aeration without surface damage. Insufficient root penetration is a major problem.

The Deep Drill will encourage deeper rooting, resulting in healthy grass growth and a stronger soil structure. The machine gently removes soil from the holes, relieving compaction and creating a channel that penetrates through any layering or breaks. It aerates in conditions where machines such as the punch spiker cannot operate. .

The grass' natural geotropic response leads to roots developing and bridging the breaks and loam layers, encouraging mobile soil platelets to knit together. This action creates a denser soil profile that produces greater ball bounce and quickening of pace. "Low and slow" wickets can be transformed and grass health reinvigorated.